Midland customers enjoy up to 35% off travel insurance discount

From now till 31 December 2022, Midland Club members and/or App register users can purchase travel insurance through Midland Finance and receive a 35% discount on Generali Travel Insurance.

The exclusive travel insurance offer includes not only premium discounts, but also the following 2019 coronavirus protections:

  1. Medical expenses incurred during the journey, as well as additional lodging/transportation costs
  2. Trip cancellation due to serious illness (unsuitable for travel due to life-threatening) or mandatory quarantine prior to departure
  3. Cash subsidy for mandatory isolation (applicable to confirmed cases during the journey or within 7 days of returning to Hong Kong)


  1. There is a year-round travel insurance plan available for those of you who frequently travel abroad; the more you fly, the more you save.
  2. There is a family plan for one price that protects the legal spouse and all accompanying children aged 17 and under, which is significantly less expensive than purchasing separately.

Redemption method:

  1. 35% discount on Generali Travel Insurance:
  2. Prudential PRUChoice Travel, Inquiries via WhatsApp:
  3. Zurich Get “Z” Go Travel Insurance Plan, Inquiries via WhatsApp:

Contact【Midland Finance】for more details
Inquiry Hotline: 2809 3848

Terms and conditions apply. Midland Realty is not responsible for any matters related to the above-mentioned offers, related products and services between you and the insurance companies. In case of any dispute, Midland Realty and the insurance companies reserve the right of final decision.

Terms & Conditions:
  1. All questions or disputes about the offers should be handled directly by the user with the service provider.
  2. This offer is not transferable, exchangeable for cash or other products, and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
  3. Midland Property and the insurance companies reserves the right to amend the above terms and conditions without notice.
  4. In case of any disputes, Midland Property and the insurance companies reserves the right of final decision.